Before I die I want to…

I was doing one of my favorite things… watching Ted Talks. When I sit and watch I reflect on how there are people making a difference for their communities and those around them. This one touched me and like many of these videos I’m inspired and humbled. If you haven’t already click on the above link.

Throughout the day I was looking for something that touched me. I walked down a little street near Downtown and feel like I’m in Sesame St. As I pass shop owners getting their stores ready they smile and say Hi to me. Most cars stop while I’m on the crosswalk and the drivers wave when I tell them thank you. After writing last night’s blog I stopped to really notice how connected I am to those around me. From work, swimming, my business to my commute on the train, my lunch servers, passersby. When I meet someone or say Hello I like to ask questions about the person.

My server Peter today told me how he moved from Thailand to LA (4 mo) then back, a year later moved to Wisconsin (1 yr) then Chicago (3 yr) to finally land in Miami (4 yr). He told me with a boyish grin that he is getting off early today so that he can play tennis with some friends. And shared about 2 other employees of the restaurant (Sushi Siam on Brickell Ave) that I feel so welcomed in. I’ve known Peter for over 18 months and I feel truly honored every time he gives me a glimpse and welcomes into his world.

Before I die I want to touch the heart of millions by honestly connecting, listening and befriending.

Before I die I want to be missed and searched for if for some reason I can’t make it because of how I connected with and/or inspired others.


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