with a little help


This evening I met my cousin’s friend. He is in his first year in college and studying to be an IT guy. After talking for a little I asked him where does he want to go. He said the “correct” answer we were always taught I plan to graduate and get a job doing…. I then asked him if he could do anything what would he be excited about doing. He looked lost for a little and said no one ever asked that so he never thought of it. I told him to think about it and dream BIG. The only way a GPS can get you to a destination is to be programmed as to where one wants to go first then calculating a route to get there. This is the same with one’s life.

The other thing that we talked about was a field that is growing now. Being that he has 4 years to graduate I told him to look at that field and see a secondary level to it. What is a branch of the field and how can one start a company addressing this branch. I think one of the things that school teaches us is how to follow and tries to squelch one’s true Brilliance and creativity.


This was written on the night of the 8th. I don’t know why it didn’t post.


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