Do you ever wonder…


A couple years ago I met a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. I was telling her a story about my wanting to befriend Dwayne Johnson, she told me she went to University with him… *dreamy eyes* sorry I digress. OK! She said something that made me think about how my actions affect those around me.

I don’t remember what brought up the subject, but she said “you know that is something that I always admired about you. You always spoke up for the weaker person, with sarcasm to put the other in their place.” I looked at her not knowing what to say, so I accepted the compliment and thanked her. She said in school I said things like “Weren’t you paying attention when your mom was teaching you manners” if someone bounced into another on purpose making them drop their books. She said I didn’t think anything of it or of helping collect the books. I was shocked as I don’t remember doing that. But this reminded me of 2 other things.

About 5 years ago I was a door to door sales person. At 2 art festivals and Costco someone remembered me coming to their home and ALL 3 knew my name! My friend who was with me was as shocked as I was! How did these people after not seeing me for 2 years and only as a sales person still remember me? AND be happy to see me?!

Flashback a few more years… This was a couple years after graduating high school literally 5 people came up to me in different places and ALL conversations started: “You are Steffany! We’ve never met, but I remember you from the halls of high school!”  My first thought was “What on Earth was I doing in the halls for these people to not only remember my face but also my name?” I remember asking a few of them and they said “You were always so happy and said Hi to me like we were friends.” Again at the time I was so shocked! I am one of those people who do smile and say hello/good morning/good afternoon if I see someone looking at me but I didn’t think people remembered it after a few day much less years.

This has taught me that people are watching and are affected by my actions. Since having my son I hope that I positively affect him.

How do you think you are affecting those around you? Has anyone ever came up to you?


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