I’m so proud! – Erin and Boy


Today I got a text from a friend I haven’t spoken or seen in the past 2 years. She was one of the 30 friends whom I had contacted in my last mass text. She told me that she moved from Downtown to Coral Gables and that she is about to publish her book! I found out it was the book she talked to me about a few years ago… as a dream. I’m so happy for and proud of my friend Erin! I wish her All the Best!

Another person contacted me today. It was the Science teacher that my son and I went to Europe with over the summer. He had asked a few weeks ago if my son could play his flute at a Haitian American event. My son also has him for math and science tutoring. The teacher said that the event was this weekend and that sadly he wasn’t able to go due to a death in the family; but the Association has invited us to join them. I’m so proud of my son who is pulling back up his grades and being asked to participate in such an event.

Tonight I got to talk to my son about “being bias”. He is under the misguided notion that if I tell him he is a Good Kid and I’m thankful every day that he is in my life that I’m being biased. Why is it that he thinks that I as his mom can’t compliment him while being truthful?


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