the mother…


Today 2 of friends were venting:

1. a swim mom who is having serious issues with her 13 year old son. He and his father are having rough times to the point where the police and Child Services were called to the school and then showed up at the house. The father has disowned the son and is blaming everything on the “stupid” mom

2. a friend from college who’s little daughter is having speech delays and “needs” to see a therapist. My friend is beside herself and today had a mini meltdown with this and thinks that she (the mom) may be borderline ADD

During #1episode someone asked Why is it when things go wrong with a child it is automatically the mother’s fault. Both mom’s in these 2 cases are dedicated to their kids, listen to them, talk with them, spend time with them. In the first case the dad is the one who is negatively effecting the situation and the kid isn’t able to constructively or effectively communicate so there is self inflicted harm and frustration. While in the second case the parents are amazing, close knit and truly spend quality time together. My friend assists her daughter but won’t just do things for her. The toddler is very sweet and can communicate just not talk.

Being a single mom I honestly know that raising a little person isn’t always entertaining and can be VERY frustrating and Hectic. I know there are times that I would like to run away, but every day I look at Monster Teen and have to honestly say to myself, him and the Universe… He is a Great Kid and I can’t imagine my life without him. Now hopefully he won’t enter the “Angry Depressed American Teenager” phase. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent him from entering that area and avoid being blamed for something that I have no control over?

I’m finally getting over my cold and will be more consistent. Sorry for the disjointedness.


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