Over the past 2 weeks I’m been taking stock of my life and decided I want to change a couple things. I’ve been in network marketing on and off for the past 10 years as I see this is the most viable way to attain my goals. I’ve recently decided to become a Professional network marketer and have started studying… gees now I understand why I’ve always struggled but knew this was the right path for me.

My second decision is go work for a fitness model body. You know the muscular feminine women like Tonya Merryman.

With both I found experts in those fields and joined their website.

For the Pro. NMer I watch a 2-4 minute video in the morning to get my thoughts on track then throughout the day at work I’ll listen to an hour long lesson and in the evening I listen to it again while taking notes. I’ve done the exercises that have come up and am learning so much that most trainers don’t disclose.

For the body I’m with another website. There I have a journal entry each day where I post my food diary, sleep and exercise log and how I felt that day. This one is a little harder.

What I’m learning is my actions are what causes the results. Everyday I when I remember I tell myself “I’m Becoming a Professional Network Marketer who earns $1M annually. I Am Becoming a Fitness Model” these are my 2 goals and everyday my decision is “Everything I do is moving me closer to these.”

What are your goals? Have you decided to become the peson you have to be to achieve them?


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