Last night I was talking to a guy who is a therapist for mostly kids in the public school system. He said there was a lot of frustration and parents and children alike were having issues.

I think as a society we lack strong communication skills. Instead of listening when someone is speaking to us, we are thinking of the next thing we want to say and many times don’t stay on topic as the conversation may have taken a slight turn but we weren’t listening.

I think we also don’t practice enough sympathy. Instead of putting one’s self in the shoes of another, if someone says something we are quick to be offended… many time about something we thought was said but not actually said or meant.

My last point in that slightly one sided discussion was that we don’t seem to articulate our thoughts well. I see this in my son and his friends. They say something, but because of their limited vocabulary can’t get their true thoughts across without a few questions for clarification.

I truly believe one’s vocabulary base and ability to really listen makes for an Effective Communicator. Something I strive to be and guide my son in becoming.


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