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Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video


I Love this video!

As you know I’m a single mom who has decided to become a Professional Network Marketer. I also have a son who I’m trying to keep his mind open to the possibilities of life – at times I feel like I’m losing to his video games. But I refuse to give up!

I watched this video and cried… it was the motivation and inspiration that I needed. I will make watching this part of my daily habits.

A Smelly Observation


Why is it that someone who wears cologne or perfume thinks other people want to smell it? I work in an office where there is someone in the next cubicle row that LOVES their fragrance. All I know is that every time they come in in the morning or spray themself in the afternoon I’m choking – no exaggeration as I’m allergic to perfumes.

Why are there so many people who can’t stand their smell or if they are lucky Lack of smell?


Get Inspired! No matter the age one can make a difference

Over the weekend I was reading articles in takepart. I love this site! I saw this particular article that made me proud. These 14 kids decided to follow their passion and help the community! 

I also love causes that help children like A Soldier’s Child Foundation, Room to Read, and Kyan’s Kause.

If you know of any charities that may need assistance in fund raising or volunteer time and accept kids under 15 please send, post or tweet them to me. Thank you!

I want BOTH in a job!


Over the past few years I’ve drifting. I didn’t have a plan for my life other than to become debt free and move us out of my parents’ house. Before this I enjoyed going to seminars like The Millionaire Mind Intensive and a few Real Estate Investing classes, but with a young son I used him as my excuse to hold me back. Granted he can find an Amazing Fixer Upper and do a Fabulous job showing a customer value for any item. We are both true entrepreneurs and enjoyed learning.

A couple years ago I got a full time job in Corporate America and became complacent. I don’t really have to think or talk to many people (a busy week for me is 7 phone calls and NO face to face contact).

I noticed not too long ago that I miss talking to and really helping people. I’ve had quite a few jobs over the years many times working myself out of the position or becoming a seeming threat to a few managers due to my diplomas, ideas and system building. Thankfully  there are a couple that really stand out… not because of my pay but because I felt like I truly made a positive difference in many people’s lives.

When I did door to door for AT&T Uverse, I enjoyed helping people save money, being the face of AT&T customer service, and connecting with people who may just need to talk.

While working at the American Red Cross, I remember talking with a man. When he found out where I worked he started to cry, shaked my hand, and thanked me! At that time I was the face of Red Cross. I was so moved and honored by this.

I enjoy working in network marketing, but don’t yet have an income that matches my corporate job though I’m working towards this goal. I love that we have such diverse products AND help average people who are willing to learn and work the opportunity to become so much more than their dreams!

Are most jobs (not network marketing) in life an either/or choice, or are there positions that pay well AND positively affect people and the community?


February 25 a child at my son’s middle school was hit by a car. Sadly I got news on Friday that Arin Tucker had passed away.  It’s always sad when a child passes unexpected or otherwise. My heart goes out to his friends and family especially his mom.

Peace, Love and Strength to All the Lucky people who were honored to be touch by him.

Who knows best?


For the past few weeks our swim team has been displaced to MAC’s pool due to the fact MDC’s pool is closed. With that said we now only have 4 lanes with about 10 kids per lane. My kid recently has decided to go to the lower group for practice. In an hour and a half that group swims about 3000 yards while his group swims double that in the same time. Needless to say at this meet my son is tired and his times are suffering.

When we spoke today he said the reason he did that was his coach’s practice was too hard… this is coming from a kid who looks like he ran out of steam in the 200 free!

He couldn’t understand that the harder he practiced the easier his meets will be. I think we all face this phenomenon.  How many of us think we know what is best? But if we were to just listen and do what those higher and/or have more experience than us, we would get so much more out of our efforts.

Meeting People


Recently I started learning to network online. I have LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook accounts. The main ones I enjoy using is LinkedIn and Facebook. This is my issue with these 2 forms of media:

One day after updating my LinkedIn account,  I had over a dozen requests to connect from people I’ve never met or hear of before. I wrote back to all of them asking if we had met, who they are, and how could I assist them. Less than 10% replied after 2 weeks and about a dozen more requests (I updated my account a couple times). Then started getting endoresement requests (3) and each one I replied with a polite note of have we ever met and how may I assist them… only 1 replied telling me who she was.

Facebook is next. I have over 500 “friends” and about 2/3s of them are related to me. I post my son’s activities, my business activities, and share articles that interest me. Recently strangers have been requesting to friend me. Same thing, when I message them they never answer.

If social media is supposed to bring people closer why doesn’t the average person introduce themselves before a connection request? Or at least reply to the person they seem to be interested in connecting to?

My Little Person’s Goal


At 10 years old I was talking to my son about goals. He was about a year and a half in swimming and FINALLY starting to enjoy it. For our swim team’s Holiday party there was a guest speaker… Jon Olsen Olympic Gold Metalist. He spoke to the kids about hard work, focus and determination. He told them about the endless miles of practice, the days he felt like quitting, the loneliness of swimming, and the joy he felt when dropping time in meets. He also told them about being at the Olympics: feeling accomplished just being surrounded by the Best of the Best, and elation standing on the podium to receive Gold medals. My son got to put on the medal and talk to Jon one on one.

A few days later my Little Person looked at me after swimming. He said “Mom one of the things that I want from swimming is to feel the weight of My Gold Medal on my chest.” I was floored. I said then let’s work towards it.

It’s been over 3 years and he has wavered a little because it is a lonely sport with relentless practice, but every little victory and his love of swimming seems to keep him focused and passionate.

My goal is to be able to financially get him there, to walk into the stadium and fully experience him fulfill a Dream, to hear the anthem play as he bends to receive his Gold.



In the spirit of my last post, I got a call from a mom who was most upset with her son’s swim coach. She complained and commented. Finally I asked her has she spoke to our Head Coach. She said No because he will tell her son’s coach. My next question to her was How was the issue to be resolved if the person she has an issue with isn’t aware of it?

This is another form of how we are lacking communication skills. She said she won’t say anything until she is so mad she just explodes on him… there are better ways!

Talking to people when calm in my opinion gets the point across. Hopefully the other person will listen and together they may be able to come up with an agreement as opposed to her exploding and him just seeing an attack closing himself off to any form of communication.