My Little Person’s Goal


At 10 years old I was talking to my son about goals. He was about a year and a half in swimming and FINALLY starting to enjoy it. For our swim team’s Holiday party there was a guest speaker… Jon Olsen Olympic Gold Metalist. He spoke to the kids about hard work, focus and determination. He told them about the endless miles of practice, the days he felt like quitting, the loneliness of swimming, and the joy he felt when dropping time in meets. He also told them about being at the Olympics: feeling accomplished just being surrounded by the Best of the Best, and elation standing on the podium to receive Gold medals. My son got to put on the medal and talk to Jon one on one.

A few days later my Little Person looked at me after swimming. He said “Mom one of the things that I want from swimming is to feel the weight of My Gold Medal on my chest.” I was floored. I said then let’s work towards it.

It’s been over 3 years and he has wavered a little because it is a lonely sport with relentless practice, but every little victory and his love of swimming seems to keep him focused and passionate.

My goal is to be able to financially get him there, to walk into the stadium and fully experience him fulfill a Dream, to hear the anthem play as he bends to receive his Gold.


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