Meeting People


Recently I started learning to network online. I have LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook accounts. The main ones I enjoy using is LinkedIn and Facebook. This is my issue with these 2 forms of media:

One day after updating my LinkedIn account,  I had over a dozen requests to connect from people I’ve never met or hear of before. I wrote back to all of them asking if we had met, who they are, and how could I assist them. Less than 10% replied after 2 weeks and about a dozen more requests (I updated my account a couple times). Then started getting endoresement requests (3) and each one I replied with a polite note of have we ever met and how may I assist them… only 1 replied telling me who she was.

Facebook is next. I have over 500 “friends” and about 2/3s of them are related to me. I post my son’s activities, my business activities, and share articles that interest me. Recently strangers have been requesting to friend me. Same thing, when I message them they never answer.

If social media is supposed to bring people closer why doesn’t the average person introduce themselves before a connection request? Or at least reply to the person they seem to be interested in connecting to?


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