Who knows best?


For the past few weeks our swim team has been displaced to MAC’s pool due to the fact MDC’s pool is closed. With that said we now only have 4 lanes with about 10 kids per lane. My kid recently has decided to go to the lower group for practice. In an hour and a half that group swims about 3000 yards while his group swims double that in the same time. Needless to say at this meet my son is tired and his times are suffering.

When we spoke today he said the reason he did that was his coach’s practice was too hard… this is coming from a kid who looks like he ran out of steam in the 200 free!

He couldn’t understand that the harder he practiced the easier his meets will be. I think we all face this phenomenon.  How many of us think we know what is best? But if we were to just listen and do what those higher and/or have more experience than us, we would get so much more out of our efforts.


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