I want BOTH in a job!


Over the past few years I’ve drifting. I didn’t have a plan for my life other than to become debt free and move us out of my parents’ house. Before this I enjoyed going to seminars like The Millionaire Mind Intensive and a few Real Estate Investing classes, but with a young son I used him as my excuse to hold me back. Granted he can find an Amazing Fixer Upper and do a Fabulous job showing a customer value for any item. We are both true entrepreneurs and enjoyed learning.

A couple years ago I got a full time job in Corporate America and became complacent. I don’t really have to think or talk to many people (a busy week for me is 7 phone calls and NO face to face contact).

I noticed not too long ago that I miss talking to and really helping people. I’ve had quite a few jobs over the years many times working myself out of the position or becoming a seeming threat to a few managers due to my diplomas, ideas and system building. Thankfully  there are a couple that really stand out… not because of my pay but because I felt like I truly made a positive difference in many people’s lives.

When I did door to door for AT&T Uverse, I enjoyed helping people save money, being the face of AT&T customer service, and connecting with people who may just need to talk.

While working at the American Red Cross, I remember talking with a man. When he found out where I worked he started to cry, shaked my hand, and thanked me! At that time I was the face of Red Cross. I was so moved and honored by this.

I enjoy working in network marketing, but don’t yet have an income that matches my corporate job though I’m working towards this goal. I love that we have such diverse products AND help average people who are willing to learn and work the opportunity to become so much more than their dreams!

Are most jobs (not network marketing) in life an either/or choice, or are there positions that pay well AND positively affect people and the community?


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