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Les Brown: I AM going to make it


Over the past few weeks my goals have etched themselves into my heart and soul.

I AM an Athlete weighing 147lb at 14% body fat!

Over the weekend I started resistance training and today I changed my eating regimen. With every meal I must have a protein, starchy carb and fibrous carbs. I start with the protein and the fibrous carbs and finish with the starchy carb. My chosen serving size is a cereal bowl for the protein (beans, legumes, lean meats and fishes) and starchy carb (1 true serving size of quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, etc) while the fibrous carbs (leafy greens, veggies, fruit) are unlimited. As long as I eat every 2-3 hours I’m not craving anything and fruits seem too sweet! YAY to a balanced diet!

When the practice pool opens again I will start working out with the triathlons again for my cardio. An hour of training 6 days a week will bring me back to my old weight!

Thank you Tom Venuto for the great book Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle! Thank you Coach Andrew of the Flying Fish Swim Club!

I AM a Professional Network Marketer with a 7 figure annual income!

I watch videos everyday and study Eric Worre’s materials. I listen to the audios that my company gives me access to in the back office. I find, talk to and work with people who are ambitious, open to learning and want to truly make a difference in the lives of others. I’m a Consultant who is building a strong team to help healthcare professionals stay private while promoting health to their patients and teach others how to build strong teams in any “major” my company has.

I visualize watching my personally sponsored team walking across the stage moving up in pin levels and accepting awards for completing Challenges; watching how their lives change for the better excelling in this company; and helping them build strong teams of their own. I want them and their people to succeed!

Thank you Eric Worre for your Professional Network Marketing Trainings! Thank you JR Ridinger for building this vehicle to become wealthy!

I AM a Fantastic Mom!

The number one person in my life is my son who is into swimming, music, games and school. His social life is picking up and becoming more international. I love the fact that he is happy seeing me volunteering in his school and that we have such a close relationship with open communication. While I’m very good at being there for him emotionally and raising his mental awareness with my other 2 goals I will have the physical and financial abilities to keep up with him and get him where he wants to go.

Over the years my priorities have changed. My number one goal since I found out I was having my son was to be a Fabulous Mom! But recently I am realizing that my health is important as is my financial and time freedom. I AM going to make it!

So Sorry


I know over the past few weeks I’ve neglected to post. There are so many changes that have happened in those weeks. I think ALL are Great, and I am happier and more calm with where my life is going.

On the 6th my son swam in a triathlon to raise money for St Jude. He did very well for this event which was his first attempt at open water swimming. He came in 5th in his group and 9th overall! *Proudly Beaming* Later that day I think I sat on a chair with plant oil on it as the next day both my legs were covered in a VERY ANGRY but thankfully not too itchy rash. 

The funny thing is that I was so busy that week that it didn’t really affect me until it got infected the Monday after. During that week I quit my job as an underwriter in an insurance company and was rehired as an independent contractor to restructure my department. My boss did good when she hired a Masters Graduate in IT for the position… in those last couple weeks she got MUCH MORE than she was paying me as I got to utilize my creativity, IT and Business experience. Last night I submitted the business proposal. Wish me luck!

As for the rash, you know how bad it is when a nurse and 2 doctors gasped when they saw my legs for the first time in urgent care! *laughing* Picture this… I’m slightly bent over, my yoga capris are pulled all the way up to my hips, one doctor is squatting behind me pointing and the other is bent over gasping! *laughing* They talked about what they think it is for quite a while and the verdict is Poison Oak with the beginning of an infection. I had to ask if I had to pay twice as I had the second consult at the same time as the first! *laughing* I’m on my last day of antibiotics and steroids and feel SO MUCH Better!

I am now focusing on my Network Marketing company especially helping private healthcare professional’s offices earn a full income keeping their patients and clients healthy. I got to meet with a COO of a medical association and an AMAZING Office Manager who I’m recruiting to help Miami grow!

I also got a full makeover from a Jr Partner who specializes in our cosmetics division and is the only cosmetic vendor at an upcoming Belly Dancing event! He had to make sure I’m not allergic to the product as I’m the model he will be making up during the event! I’m So Excited as I haven’t been in that circle since I performed I think 6 years ago.

I also met a guy who was really nice but in the end met another lady who he wants to exclusively date. I sincerely wish them the Best! I also reconnected with a guy who I had known in high school… we are meeting for a meal in the near future. He lives 45 minutes away with no traffic and my schedule in the evening is full.

My son had his concert with the UM tutoring group and is getting ready for the Greater Miami Youth Symphony concert. Thankfully after the 4th of May music is finished until the fall.

Lastly my son’s practice pool is STILL CLOSED! The 25 minute one way commute and 2 hour practice is just swallowing up my evenings! I can’t wait for our pool to reopen! The end of next month we are going to Jamaica for him to swim in a meet. I haven’t been back since 1993!

Wow just writing this I see I was really busy. I feel more productive and like I’ve accomplished so much more in these few weeks than I had in the 2 years I was with my job. I guess sometimes one just needs to take a leap of faith and trust that the Universe will always make things work out. Well that is my belief.