Gaining 5 New Daily Habits


By the end of the day do you feel like you should have done something? Or that you are not moving towards your goals? What I’m talking about is forming new habits. You know like waking up and brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, and washing your face. I’ve attached a Checklist that you may use to facilitate your maintaining a new habit today. I have 15 lines though I recommend only adding 5 if you are new to adding habits. For me the daily habits I’m working on is blogging, 30 minute physical activity, 10 minutes of visualization, 30 minutes of reading a self improvement book, 30+ minutes of listening to a home study course or audio book, talking to 5 new people every day… you get the picture. Each day that I do these activities I put a check in the little box to the right… my goal is to have them all checked horizontally for the 31 days. At first there may be blank boxes, but over time you will notice that the boxes fill up. Best Wishes and Many Blessings to you and yours! I hope this helps you to take little steps towards the life you choose to live! Please comment on how this checklist helped you. Thank you!

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