Be Courageous Today

Be Courageous Today

Taking stock of my life I noticed that I have 4 fears that have been holding me back from my dreams:

1. That if I succeed (my definition) that family and friends will turn away from me

2. That I am not a lover of talking on the phone

3. That I have to do home presentations

4. That I enjoy watching tv *laughing*


Somewhere along the line I learned that successful people are not well liked and are responsible to give to society. With that way of thinking I was afraid that my loved ones will not love me any more. This is my own insecurity. I chose to release this as I know that my family will love me no matter what and I have already cut ties with the negative people in my life.

I heard somewhere that to succeed in network marketing I have to spend hours on the phone. No other form of media is effective. In this day and age I can’t get in touch with my friends on the phone, but they will answer texts very quickly!

I was told home presentations were to only way to prospect and recruit. I hated home presentations as I don’t like strangers in my house. Being Asian we don’t wear shoes in the house and it bothered me that people wouldn’t respect this. And 20 people would be invited and only 3 would show. I prefer to meet prospects at Starbucks or a local bakery to show the marketing plan and get them on the phone with a Sr Partner who can answer all questions about the opportunity and products. Or even better to have them find me online and contact me with interest and questions. MUCH MORE Effective!

Lastly I was told that I have to give up watching tv. Granted I don’t watch too much only about 10 hours a week, but I truly enjoy it. I was listening to an entrepreneur who said that he runs his business 4 hours daily and has time to watch movies. I love that! I get to set my own hours presently 6 hours a day and work around my catching up with NCIS: LA.


Thank you Eric Worre, Lawrence Tam, David Wood and Marshall Sylver for opening my eyes and showing me a better way!

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