Rules for Life and Relationships, Interesting People and Amazing Opportunities

Rules for Life and Relationships, Interesting People and Amazing Opportunities

Last night I was inspired! I woke bright and early and started looking for a list of Chiropractors in my zip code. I set to work cold calling to set a 15 minute consultation with the decision maker of the office. I called about 25 offices (2 of which were contacts that I received) and about a half took my name and number, 5 were not open, 2 made an appointment, 1 went out of business, and 1 called back to decline. 

At lunch a 70+ year old man moved over to sit at my table as I reminded him of a lady he dated in Japan after the Korean War. He met her after a bitter divorce and sad relationship. He asked if I had someone in my life to which I answered “My 14 year old son”. He said that I should find a man who would treat us right and remember 4 things to make a relationship work: 1. Open Communication, 2. you Both Support each others goals and endeavors, 3. See and Utilize the Best in each other and lastly 4. Intimacy – from the act of spending qualify time together to sex.

He then asked what I did for work and I shared the 1 minute NutraMetrix Consultant commercial. After which he started telling me about his doctor and how he would be interested in what I have to offer. I gave him a few of my nMx cards and then I had to leave. 

At 4:45 I had an appointment with a Dr who was extremely distracted because there was a death in the family and she is going out of town tomorrow. I was so grateful that she gave me time to introduce myself (she is my mom’s GP) and give a 3 minute run down of the service that I provide. (It was 3 minutes only because she asked a couple questions) She apologized that she couldn’t focus and if I could please come back next week. 

Now a friend of mine just called to inform me that she knows a few physicians who are open to meeting with me about NutraMetrix! YAY Thank you!

I’m happy with how the day turned out! I feel confident with who I am and I know that I am working to help the community get healthy both physically and financially. I’m happy that I have an approachable face and people feel comfortable talking with me about personal subjects. I am also GRATEFUL that I have Amazing Friends who love me and look out for me.

Tomorrow I have 3 appointments: 1 my chiropractor, 2 a dear friend for lunch and 3. to teach a small class about Network Marketing and connecting with people.

On a side note… I was talking with a Veterans charity about teaching Vets Network Marketing skills. That would be something that I truly want to do!

Thank you to the Men and Women who chose to put their lives on the line, who sacrifice, and who are truly Honorable. Thank you for making my world a safer place! I Deeply Appreciate what you do.


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