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Just wrong!


Today at the pool one of the younger girls went to the vending machine and found a dollar in the coin change. There was no one around so she put it in her change purse. A little while later a fellow swimmer asked her to accompany him to the vending machine where a woman was standing. She asked if anyone found a dollar in quarters, the girl said yes and gave them to her.

At this point the woman starts yelling at the girl about how she stole the money: that the boy who left it couldn’t carry it and it was wrong that she didn’t give the coach. The woman also tried to gather information from the child like what is her name and what school she goes to.

The girl came back to the pool deck sobbing. She thought the team was going to be kicked out of the pool permanently all because of her. She kept saying that she didn’t mean to do anything wrong!

As a mom I’m appalled at this woman’s actions! When did we as a society give an adult the right to just start wrongly accusing kids at the top of their lungs? Would this lady have reacted the same way if an adult was present?

I’m saddened at how much this woman’s actions may adversely affect this girl. I made sure to take to the Head Coach to update him on the situation and ask him to reassure this child that she didn’t do anything wrong and that the team isn’t going to be evicted from the pool.


Growing up



Today is the first day of my son’s last Jr Olympics. He turns 15 in June. A part of me is a little saddened. I know he is growing up and I’m fine with that, but sometimes it takes an event to really hit home.

I remember when he was 1 month I cried because he wasn’t considered a “newborn” anymore as he moved into infant-hood. When he started kindergarten, middle school, and then high school it hit me more than just a birthday. Knowing that he will soon be learning how to drive and in just about 3.5 years he will be going to college. I’m so excited for him but at the same time a little sad.

The thing that amazed me the most is how much he is maturing. Yesterday we found out that a state wide test that was postponed due to technical difficulty is supposed to be today. He worried so much and had to learn to let it go. He will take a make-up at a further date. I was pleasantly surprised that he was so concerned.

I watch him grow and everyday I’m so proud of who he is and who he is becoming. I wonder who he will be when he is 18, 21, 28, 35, etc

Taking a Class



At last night’s event I got to meet a few Fabulous people and got to learn quiet a few things to help me with my business.

I learned there are 4 parts to a successful company, what should be on my business card, and about a few free sites to make my company stand out.

He had another class next Tuesday. I’m looking forward to going.

I met 3 people there who run non-profits and 1 who is interested in hearing the business plan!

Non-Profit Fundraising and SHOWING MY BRILLIANCE

Non-Profit Fundraising and SHOWING MY BRILLIANCE

I work with non-profit organizations reward their supporters while fundraising. The program is part of what Amazon Smiles does but it also has a point system that leverages the community’s normal spending.Today I got to speak to a new non-profit who’s focus is helping women with cancer. Right now they are working on the Cinderella Project which helps girls with cancer be able to attend prom with donated dresses. Very worthy cause! From that meeting I got a referral and forever business┬áthinking I told her that we should start up her group first then sponsor the referred church so that her group would have the leverage of the second group. YAY!

Do you ever just feel like you are doing what you are supposed to be doing with your life? I noticed that when I get to present, train new distributors and office staff of Non-profits and Health Professionals, and work the business with business minded individuals I feel a kinda buzz within. I feel alive and purposeful! I LOVE THAT!

Yesterday I got to talk with GMYS decision maker and they are launching a new website. I will have to write up the code to link their site up with their fundraising site (thank goodness that I learned how to program all those years ago!). I also have to write up templates of announcing the fundraising site. Once I get these items completed I have a system that new NPOs will be able to follow!

Later today I have a networking event with “over 200 Miami professionals”. I’m looking forward to this event! The other thing is that last week I had an event and someone wanted to talk to me about the business. As it turned out he was sick from the Thursday until Sunday, so he contacted me this morning and set up a quick appointment for 6p right before the event! I’m excited to talk with him.

A prospect contacted me about changing her presentation tomorrow morning to Thursday. The wonderful thing about this meeting is that she wants me to present to her and 2 other people who are interested in starting a business. The cool thing is that one is from Jamaica and the other is from England! Thankfully my company operates in both countries and delivers to over 200. If you are open to learn more about the company, contact me!

A Perfect Morning



Today is one of those Miami mornings that everyone on the planet comes to experience. It a lovely 72 degrees with a light breeze coming in from the east meaning there is a light smell of the ocean anywhere within 10 miles off the coast.

I think another reason today is so Fantastic for me is that I had a GREAT time last night at the enriching Mental Beauty meetup event. I got to meet 3 truly Amazing ladies. During the night I had so many Aha moments. The hostess is a life coach and as you may know since January I’ve been taking stock and changing my world. It was empowering to bask in this healing, motivating, positive energy.

After the event I stayed behind to talk with the hostess who I clicked with. We had an eye opening conversation and when I left I felt lighter, most focused and purposeful. When I got home Monster Boy was still awake so we ended up talking. By the time I feel asleep I felt centered and connected.

This is one of the songs that resonate with me today.

On the business side 2 of the ladies are interested in attending the Weston presentation on March 11. I’m looking forward to attending and spending more time with them!