Growing up



Today is the first day of my son’s last Jr Olympics. He turns 15 in June. A part of me is a little saddened. I know he is growing up and I’m fine with that, but sometimes it takes an event to really hit home.

I remember when he was 1 month I cried because he wasn’t considered a “newborn” anymore as he moved into infant-hood. When he started kindergarten, middle school, and then high school it hit me more than just a birthday. Knowing that he will soon be learning how to drive and in just about 3.5 years he will be going to college. I’m so excited for him but at the same time a little sad.

The thing that amazed me the most is how much he is maturing. Yesterday we found out that a state wide test that was postponed due to technical difficulty is supposed to be today. He worried so much and had to learn to let it go. He will take a make-up at a further date. I was pleasantly surprised that he was so concerned.

I watch him grow and everyday I’m so proud of who he is and who he is becoming. I wonder who he will be when he is 18, 21, 28, 35, etc

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