Just wrong!


Today at the pool one of the younger girls went to the vending machine and found a dollar in the coin change. There was no one around so she put it in her change purse. A little while later a fellow swimmer asked her to accompany him to the vending machine where a woman was standing. She asked if anyone found a dollar in quarters, the girl said yes and gave them to her.

At this point the woman starts yelling at the girl about how she stole the money: that the boy who left it couldn’t carry it and it was wrong that she didn’t give the coach. The woman also tried to gather information from the child like what is her name and what school she goes to.

The girl came back to the pool deck sobbing. She thought the team was going to be kicked out of the pool permanently all because of her. She kept saying that she didn’t mean to do anything wrong!

As a mom I’m appalled at this woman’s actions! When did we as a society give an adult the right to just start wrongly accusing kids at the top of their lungs? Would this lady have reacted the same way if an adult was present?

I’m saddened at how much this woman’s actions may adversely affect this girl. I made sure to take to the Head Coach to update him on the situation and ask him to reassure this child that she didn’t do anything wrong and that the team isn’t going to be evicted from the pool.


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