Find Your Major


As a student you are told to choose a major. Some are expected to do a specific major or field because of family while others have free rein and no idea. The ones I was envious of growing up were like my dad… He knew he wanted to be an engineer before starting high school and not only enjoyed that major but worked in that field his whole life!

When talking to students it amazes me how they decide on a major. ” I want to be an orthopedic surgeon because they pay well.” “My dad’s a chemist so I want to major in chemistry.” “After college my friends and I are going to open a psychologist office.”

Students can decide on a major and find out they hate that subject but still graduate in that field. While other students are like I was…

I graduated with my 10th declared major business. By the time I earned my AA I could have graduated with the amount of credits I had! I was 2 classes away from a bachelor in psychology (with more than enough credits in developmental, addiction, abuse – food, mental, physical and emotional) When I found business everything just clicked! I finished 3 years of classes (I had nothing) in 2 years WITH HONORS. I did 7 classes a semester and all week long classes – while being the President of the Business Association and the Vice President and active member of choir. I found what I am good at.

My mom actually didn’t want me to persue business because it was in Tourism and Hospitality Management and she was a travel agent. She wanted more for me. What she didn’t know was that I’d later earn a Master in IT Business, restructure companies, make companies scaleable, and save companies.

Like a loving mom she wanted “what was best” for me, but who knows what is best?

As I grew older my career path mirrored my educational life. I’ve only had 4 W2 positions. I choose to be a temp or a contractor for a specific project. My pace was fast, and I was focused and driven. Most of my contracts were cut short because I completed them then “looked for work” as I was still on the clock. Can you imagine as the business owner a temp coming in on a 9 month assignment to bring Accounts Payable up to speed updating and reconciling all accounts and finishing in less than 4 months when the last employee left 18 months prior. Then that temp suggesting ways to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. When asked “What makes you qualified?” receiving the answer I have a bachelor and master in business and have restructured companies. Many of them felt threatened. Those who followed my suggestions saw profit increases in the tens of thousands and costs decrease by thousands in very short time.

My parents hated when I was in a job and said “This isn’t fun anymore!” as they knew I’d end my contract and find something else.

What does all this have to to with you?

What I learned is that everyone has strengths, interests, skills, and talents. They also have unique goals and wants which is their driving force.

I help students in high school and college find their major and car

eer path, their passion and purpose.

75% of graduates never work in the field of their major


85% of employees world wide don’t enjoy their job

Do you want to fall into either statistic?

My blog and social media will help you or someone you know find their major and career path that makes their heart sing each and every day!

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