Entering College Undeclared


I declared the major that I graduated with in my 3rd year. I needed 2 years 7 classes each semester and 6 condensed week long classes to get all of my requirements.

With 10 declared majors (psychology 3 times), how much added college money do you think my parents paid? In this age where credits are more expensive and student loans are common, how expensive do you think my degree is worth today?

If I knew that business was what I enjoyed before entering college, I would have finished much earlier. I learned about business when I was starting in St Thomas University after failing out of FIU pursuing majors that didn’t really interest me. Thankfully my parents had the means and allowed me to explore.

In high school you have a limited scope of choices available to you. Take time to discover who you are and acknowledge your strengths and interests. Expand your exposure to many different fields and activities. Staying in your small scope of the world isn’t helping you. Branch out!

Remember YOU choose your major and it’s all about you!

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