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Do you ever wonder…


A couple years ago I met a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. I was telling her a story about my wanting to befriend Dwayne Johnson, she told me she went to University with him… *dreamy eyes* sorry I digress. OK! She said something that made me think about how my actions affect those around me.

I don’t remember what brought up the subject, but she said “you know that is something that I always admired about you. You always spoke up for the weaker person, with sarcasm to put the other in their place.” I looked at her not knowing what to say, so I accepted the compliment and thanked her. She said in school I said things like “Weren’t you paying attention when your mom was teaching you manners” if someone bounced into another on purpose making them drop their books. She said I didn’t think anything of it or of helping collect the books. I was shocked as I don’t remember doing that. But this reminded me of 2 other things.

About 5 years ago I was a door to door sales person. At 2 art festivals and Costco someone remembered me coming to their home and ALL 3 knew my name! My friend who was with me was as shocked as I was! How did these people after not seeing me for 2 years and only as a sales person still remember me? AND be happy to see me?!

Flashback a few more years… This was a couple years after graduating high school literally 5 people came up to me in different places and ALL conversations started: “You are Steffany! We’ve never met, but I remember you from the halls of high school!”  My first thought was “What on Earth was I doing in the halls for these people to not only remember my face but also my name?” I remember asking a few of them and they said “You were always so happy and said Hi to me like we were friends.” Again at the time I was so shocked! I am one of those people who do smile and say hello/good morning/good afternoon if I see someone looking at me but I didn’t think people remembered it after a few day much less years.

This has taught me that people are watching and are affected by my actions. Since having my son I hope that I positively affect him.

How do you think you are affecting those around you? Has anyone ever came up to you?


are you a boat tied to the dock?


Today I was listening to one of my Jr Partners. He commented that he wished he was as confident as me when it came to talking to strangers where ever we were. I told him that he should just smile and say hello. If the person was rude who the hell cares as he wasn’t likely to see them again. He then said that in his past, he had an experience that really upset him. “Everyone has had a bad experience somewhere in their past” I said and that he needs to release many of the hurts of his past. Then I asked Could you imagine if you were in a boat tied to the dock, how far do you think you could go? Just like the rope stopping the boat, one’s fears hold them back… just cut the ropes. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (Susan Jeffers). Life isn’t going to end, but a person courageous enough to start just needs to keep taking the next step.

My World

Today was a very exciting day! It was the first day of Conference here in Miami in the American Airlines Arena… Home to the Miami Heat! Amazing people from all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. The talked about Motives Cosmetics, Isotonix, Conquer Entertainment, New Products and Tools. We got to see Loren Ridinger, La La Anthony, the Motives Mavens, Carmelo Anthony, Fat Joe, and Jamie Foxx. AND to make the day over the top were the Wonderful Friends who I’ve met because of this company in my home town!


Before I die I want to…

I was doing one of my favorite things… watching Ted Talks. When I sit and watch I reflect on how there are people making a difference for their communities and those around them. This one touched me and like many of these videos I’m inspired and humbled. If you haven’t already click on the above link.

Throughout the day I was looking for something that touched me. I walked down a little street near Downtown and feel like I’m in Sesame St. As I pass shop owners getting their stores ready they smile and say Hi to me. Most cars stop while I’m on the crosswalk and the drivers wave when I tell them thank you. After writing last night’s blog I stopped to really notice how connected I am to those around me. From work, swimming, my business to my commute on the train, my lunch servers, passersby. When I meet someone or say Hello I like to ask questions about the person.

My server Peter today told me how he moved from Thailand to LA (4 mo) then back, a year later moved to Wisconsin (1 yr) then Chicago (3 yr) to finally land in Miami (4 yr). He told me with a boyish grin that he is getting off early today so that he can play tennis with some friends. And shared about 2 other employees of the restaurant (Sushi Siam on Brickell Ave) that I feel so welcomed in. I’ve known Peter for over 18 months and I feel truly honored every time he gives me a glimpse and welcomes into his world.

Before I die I want to touch the heart of millions by honestly connecting, listening and befriending.

Before I die I want to be missed and searched for if for some reason I can’t make it because of how I connected with and/or inspired others.



This morning I was racking my brain as to what to write here. My goal is to post every morning… still working on that. *grinning*

Today at work I did what I do every once and a while. I sent a text to 30 people in my cell phone who I hadn’t touched base with for over 3 months. After sending that generic text wishing them a Good Morning and asking how their life is, I was bombarded with texts. Throughout the day I caught up with over 20 friends finding out about a new puppy, new boyfriend, a daughter’s 6th birthday party and another’s daughter’s switching schools blossoming because of the move! I heard about snow and nasty weather, flourishing businesses and got questioned about my business.

I also got a few phone calls: a friend telling me how her daughter is in a new swim team, a second friend who told me about her ex-husband’s horrific accident last year and the situation with his family, and from a third friend who has a befriended someone who contacted her through my Facebook.

I also got to go to dinner with a friend I had met last year January and have kept in touch with on LinkedIn and through email. We had a lovely Cuban meal with Great conversation.

This month I have 3 “dates” to visit and spend time with a friend from college , a friend from MeetUp who I haven’t seen since last year, a friend I had met at a seminar 7 years ago and invitations to visit a friend in Seattle and another in St Augustine! I’m happy that I can communicate any time and I’m ecstatic that I have a web of Fantastic connections.

The way so many people use technology (texting, emails and social media) is to basically wrangle up strangers and stay removed from them but be able to say I have over 1500 “friends” or 500 connections. To me this seems so pointless, even when I’m in a forum I enjoy touching and connecting to people. (Someone asked me once how I get so many people to drink Stef kool-aid.) There may be something that I share that helps them or, even better, inspires them. I probably will never know about it which is ok as I’m not sharing for the praise or thanks. I do it because I love feeling that connection with my fellow human.

From forums I’ve made friends who are still close to me. I remember a time where I woke from a terrible nightmare and a dear friend from New Zealand was there to calm me down. He’s been a good friend for over 10 years though we haven’t met. One day soon!

Over the years I’ve joined sites like MeetUp.com to do various activities that I’ve always wanted to try (paddle boarding, outrigger canoeing, sailing,pottery making) and to meet and hopefully befriend Amazing people. I see people who I’ve met and connected with as my chosen family. I am amazed that this time the 30 texts didn’t even get me through Ds… either I’ve met A Lot of people over the past 2 years or I’ve been a little too isolated from my friends. I’m thankful I had the honor and blessing to have met and gotten to know them.

Have a Wonder Filled Week! I’m so excited MA Conference is coming to Miami this week!

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