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A Decision

A Decision

Hi I’m Stef, a Chinese Jamaican single mom and entrepreneur. Looking at this ¬†statement I notice that I have many labels and hopefully one here, or along the way, will connect with you. I’m not here to have millions of readers just a group that I can connect and grow with. I enjoy connecting with people and being a positive force in their lives.

I want to touch a chord in your life and through experiences, that I have and remember, help you to bring out your own Brilliance AND the give you the courage to show it to and share it with the world. I will reply to all email that is respectfully written “I disagree with your point of view…” as opposed to “You suck” because as I said I’m not here to attract the masses and am not looking to please everyone. I would also like to hear about your life, your goals and your steps to in getting there.

With that said I love audio books and recently I’ve been listening to Seth Godin. I LOVE that man and some of his works resonate with me – listening to him gave me the courage to start this. My background in school was that I finally graduated from college with my 10th declared major for Tourism and Hospitality Management and have a Masters in IT Business.

The reason I write this is that at 40 years old I know I can’t conform to the rules of corporate America. My favorite past jobs were the small start-up companies or the midsize companies that grew too fast and needed to be restructured. I love the challenge of forging a path, the versatility of many hats and the rewards of seeing how I made something work or learning from my mistakes. ¬†I also have a strong background in sales and customer services because I love being around people, solving perceived problems and getting a glimpse of people’s true selves.

I love my life not because I have everything that I want (presently I live with my parents, don’t like my day job, and am paying my way out of debt), but because I’m an artist and have decided to embrace this. I am starting and maintaining this blog for the selfish reason of “showing my Brilliance” and for the selfless reason of being vulnerable so that you may be comfortable to show yours.

I know this sounds disjointed but it will get better with more practice.

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