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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

This year has been a world of change for us.

In April Keegan did the swim leg of a triathlon. In May we went to Jamaica for a swim meet with the Flying Fish Swim Club. My son graduated from middle school and started high school. In September Miami Dade College closed its pool to the public meaning we had to leave and no longer swim under the name Flying Fish. He loves his school, his program and swimming for his school.

In February I got bronchitis again. In April at the triathlon I got a severe case of poison oak and left my job. In May I got to go back to Jamaica for the first time in 21 years. I enjoyed seeing friends and family. In June I was able to go to Vegas for Insanity Bootcamp that changed my views of network marketing. The section that resonated with me the most was:

People respond to your campaign, you, THEN your business opportunity.

I first started with Put Health Back in Healthcare, which then expanded to Building Better Communities. I am happy that Market America is so diverse that I’m able to work with various professionals – veterinarians, health professionals, financial advisers, new musical artists, makeup artists, business owners, gym owners and instructors, to name a few – but then I also get to work with entrepreneurs and people who want a change in their lives. I love what I am doing.

With this summary of the year, yesterday I saw the TedTalks of Dr Joel Fuhrman. It reminded me of my New Year’s Resolution for a 85-90% plant based diet. I went to the library and borrowed his book Eat to Live and am now a quarter way through the book which also touches on another resolution to read a book a month. I’m now talking to anyone who will listen to me about what I do and my goals which is another resolution of being a Positive Force in the community.

I love how the experiences of the past couple years have made me able to succeed in changing my life to fulfill these resolutions. I still have a few resolutions to live out: Leading by Example, Helping Others Succeed, Becoming Financially Free, and Traveling the World. And know that the actions I’m doing now will help me reach those in the near future.

Looking back over the year and thinking of your New Year’s Resolutions are you there yet? Or at least much closer to having changed your life from last December? ALL the Best to you and Best Wishes in your endeavors!


Before I die I want to…

I was doing one of my favorite things… watching Ted Talks. When I sit and watch I reflect on how there are people making a difference for their communities and those around them. This one touched me and like many of these videos I’m inspired and humbled. If you haven’t already click on the above link.

Throughout the day I was looking for something that touched me. I walked down a little street near Downtown and feel like I’m in Sesame St. As I pass shop owners getting their stores ready they smile and say Hi to me. Most cars stop while I’m on the crosswalk and the drivers wave when I tell them thank you. After writing last night’s blog I stopped to really notice how connected I am to those around me. From work, swimming, my business to my commute on the train, my lunch servers, passersby. When I meet someone or say Hello I like to ask questions about the person.

My server Peter today told me how he moved from Thailand to LA (4 mo) then back, a year later moved to Wisconsin (1 yr) then Chicago (3 yr) to finally land in Miami (4 yr). He told me with a boyish grin that he is getting off early today so that he can play tennis with some friends. And shared about 2 other employees of the restaurant (Sushi Siam on Brickell Ave) that I feel so welcomed in. I’ve known Peter for over 18 months and I feel truly honored every time he gives me a glimpse and welcomes into his world.

Before I die I want to touch the heart of millions by honestly connecting, listening and befriending.

Before I die I want to be missed and searched for if for some reason I can’t make it because of how I connected with and/or inspired others.